Edith Hines, violin † John Chappell Stowe, organ and harpsichord


Ensemble SDG, a violin and keyboard duo formed in 2009,

performs music spanning the entire Baroque period, with a

particular focus on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recording progress

We are getting closer to releasing our recording (nearly four years in the making) of the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach for violin and keyboard. The actual recording of the music was finished in May 2012 (see "A busy summer"), but we have now finished editing the tracks (and—this was the fun part—determining the timing between them) and are working on mixing and mastering them. Thanks to Buzz Kemper of Madison's Audio for the Arts for his excellent and patient work on this phase of the project (in addition to being the engineer for all our in-town recording sessions)!

Also in progress is the writing of the liner notes. If you've read the program notes for any of our recitals, you can guess why this step is taking a while.

We are pleased to have a label under which the album will be released once it's finished; for that important detail, stay tuned for our announcement of the project's completion.

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