Edith Hines, violin † John Chappell Stowe, organ and harpsichord


Ensemble SDG, a violin and keyboard duo formed in 2009,

performs music spanning the entire Baroque period, with a

particular focus on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Recording venue announcement

We are thrilled to announce that we have a venue and dates for completing our Bach recording project!  Our project has been on hold for a year and a half while we sought the right instrument with which to record the early versions of the sonatas in F minor and G major for violin and obbligato keyboard, BWV 1018 and 1019—which we believe, for a variety of reasons, were originally intended for performance with organ.  At last we can say that during May 26–28, God willing, we will record these sonatas, as well as possibly the Fugue in G minor, BWV 1026, with the organ at Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church in Houston.

Fritz Noack’s Opus 128 is designed and built in the style of Zacharias Hildebrandt (1688–1757), an organ builder with whose work Bach himself was familiar.  Hildebrandt was also a student of Gottfried Silbermann, the builder of an organ in Dresden that Bach inaugurated with a famous recital in 1725.  When Chappy traveled to Houston in early March to “audition” this instrument, he found that the organ was rich in tonal possibilities that would suit the music.    

We thank (in advance!) organist Mark Mummert and the Rev. Robert Moore at Christ the King Lutheran Church for being most helpful in and supportive of our efforts, and we look forward to further collaborations with them.