Edith Hines, violin † John Chappell Stowe, organ and harpsichord


Ensemble SDG, a violin and keyboard duo formed in 2009,

performs music spanning the entire Baroque period, with a

particular focus on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A welcome to the 2012–13 season

At last we are back performing in Madison!  On September 8 and 9 we will jump early into Madison’s concert season with recitals at Capitol Lakes Retirement Community and the Chazen Museum of Art (see “Upcoming Events” at right for details).  Our program is titled “Invitation to the Dance” and features a century’s worth of dance and dance-inspired music from France, Italy, and Germany.

In this post we’d like to present some notes on the program.  As always on WPR’s Sunday Afternoon Live, host Lori Skelton will present an interesting background sketch on each piece, but on a 1.5-hour show that, after all, is primarily dedicated to the music itself, there simply won’t be time to discuss many particulars!  Since we’re hard put to write just a simple, short essay for our program notes, we’ve written a rather extensive essay and uploaded a PDF here.  You can download it to read at your leisure on screen or on paper—and even bring it with you to the performance, which really should help with understanding of the program notes (whether or not the converse holds true!).  In any case, however you choose to read the essay, we hope it will provide some helpful insights into both the music and our preparation process.